Ambreen Shabbir

Scott Morgan
December 24, 2018
Maia Brown-Jackson
February 20, 2019

Ambreen Shabbir is a contributing writer at ITCT. Hailing from Pakistan, she likes to write on political economy, revolutionary warfare, defence and strategy, foreign policies, major power politics, and the role of non-state actors in the international community. Her past work includes working as a Copywriter with The News Tribe, an intern at the National Assembly of Pakistan and a freelance writer with Crowd H and Humans of Pakistan. Her work has also been published at the Fortress, Global Village Space, Paper Plane, and Taleyard. During her stint at the National Assembly of Pakistan, Ambreen:

  • Authored a publication of National Assembly while working in the Research Wing.
  • Worked with the Project Management Unit, assisted in coordinating the Interns’ program at the Lower House.
  • Worked in the capacity of a Research Assistant with Secretary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, National Assembly.
  • Worked with the Editor’s Cell, National Assembly; editing and proofreading the debates.
  • Coordinated with the honourable MNAs in PMU Unit.

Ambreen Shabbir has also attended following conferences and seminars:

  • International Conference on Global Strategic Environment in the Post 2014 Era and Pakistan,
    organized by SPIR, QAU and KAS Islamabad.
  •  Seminar by Lt Gen (R) Dan Leaf on ‘The Geostrategic Dynamics of the Asia Pacific Region’.
  • Seminar by Professor Sadollah Zarei on ‘Current Situation in Middle East’.
  • Seminar by Dr. Sameena Yasmeen on ‘Muslims in the West: Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion. Australia as a Case Study’.
  • Seminar by Laurent Gayer on ‘Down But not Out: MQM in Karachi Post-Electoral Landscape’.


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