Sarral Sharma

Dr. Nancy Kobrin
September 15, 2018
Francesco Bergoglio Errico
November 16, 2018

Sarral Sharma is a researcher at the Centre for Internal and Regional Security (IReS), Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies. He is also a member of the Delhi team of Aaghaz-e-Dosti, an India-Pakistan peace and development initiative. His research interests include India’s internal security, with special focus on external threats, counter-terrorism, domestic and regional terrorism, the Kashmir conflict and Indo-Pak relations.

Mr Sharma is studying MPhil on Contextualising India’s Second and Third Generation Partition Narratives in Marianne Hirsch’s Concept of “Postmemory” at the University of Delhi.

He has attended many conferences and events including the Herat Security Dialogue-VI, organised by the Afghan Institute of Strategic Studies (AISS), Herat, Afghanistan and delivered his speech on the topic “Spread of Terrorism in Europe and ISIL”, organised by MUNation.

Mr Sharma has written numerous articles and reports on different regional issues, including on terrorism and geopolitics.

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